Bowling Alley Burgers ROCK!

I had a hankerin’ for a bowling alley burger.  I was watching family in the bowling tournament that the Bossier Parish Community College Foundation held at Holiday Lanes.  The different departments at BPCC, were competing against each other.  It was a great opportunity for co-workers to get together, away from their work environment.  I have to believe that it’s a good morale booster, as I noticed that many of the people were enjoying the time.  Some of the people were very good with their bowling skills.  It was great to get back to a bowling alley, as it has been a few decades since I was in that environment.  I enjoyed a tasty bowling alley burger, Frito pie (chili, cheese, onions & Fritos corn chips) & a meat pie, with a big soda to wash it down.  I have always loved Frito pies.  When I was a kid, and going to the drag races with my Mom & Dad, the track concession stand used to rip open the top of a Fritos corn chip bag, pour chili in the bag over the chips along with some shredded cheese, and it would be eaten right out of the bag. Good stuff!  But, back to the bowling alley experience – I enjoyed the scene.  I’m trying to think back to the last time that I went bowling, and I’m thinking that it might have been 15+ years ago.  After seeing the fun that everyone was having, I think that it won’t be long, that I’ll stroll in and do a little bowling, myself.  Thinking back a few decades (or so) ago, we’d always pick the one among us that had the best math skills, to keep score.  Of course, no need for anyone to keep score now, with the computer and the screen displaying the scores above the lanes. I was surprised to be recognized while I was there, as some Tom Michaels fans spotted me and stopped to talk awhile.  That was cool.  Below are employees from the Bossier Parish Community College Human Resources department.  At the bowling alley, though, they’re known as the “Spare Bears”. They didn’t win the tournament, but they seemed to really enjoy the time together.  I enjoyed hanging out with them, and watching them enjoy bowling.

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