Birthdays of Note

The cake is baking for these famous peoples, born on December 9!

Simon Helberg is 39.  Howard Wolowitz on“The Big Bang Theory”.

Jesse Metcalfe is 41.

Imogen Heap is 42.

Reiko Aylesworth is 47.  Michelle Dressler on “24”.

Tre Cool is 47. Green Day drummer.

Jakob Dylan is 50.  Bob’s talented son.  Lead singer of The Wallflowers.

Kurt Angle is 51.  Former WWE superstar.

Felicity Huffman is 57.  “Desperate Housewives” star and inmate #77806-112.

Donny Osmond is 62.

John Malkovich is 66.

Michael Dorn is 67.  Worf on “Star Trek:  The Next Generation”.

Dick Butkus is 77.  Greatest linebacker ever.

Beau Bridges is 78.  Jeff’s brother.

Dame Judi Dench is 85.

Kirk Douglas – Dead or Alive?  Believe it or not, he’s still going strong at 103.

Dick Van Patten  (1928 – 2015)  “Eight Is Enough” superstar.

Redd Foxx  (1922 – 1991)  “Sanford & Son” superstar who, after years of faking it on TV, eventually DID die of a heart attack.