Big Week, Right?

Sure it will be a big week for some, and no big deal for others maybe.  We’re just back from a week at Lake D’Arbonne State Park, so we’ve got to jump back into reality and take care of business.  Not an easy adjustment after lots of lazy responsibility-free days.  The park is not far away, but gives you the feeling you’re way more isolated than you are. Almost a shock to the system to return to bright office lights, traffic noise and ringing phones, when you’ve been surrounded by little more than singing birds, leaves blowing in the wind and the occasional outboard motor droning in the distance. But hey, I adjust quickly and will have the music plenty loud when I hit the control room here at 6am  Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy a few images from the trip.

Lotsa Yakkin’ with the wife!

A site with a lake view.

Looking west as the sun rises behind me.



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