Big Day For Roses

Ahh love is in the air today for sure, along with a misty, foggy rain.  Good romantic cuddlin’ weather, huh?  I’m lucky to have just one special Valentine in my life for close to forty years.  Otherwise I’d be Charlie Brown hoping against hope for a Valentine from the little red-haired girl to magically appear in the mail.   Do kids Chuck’s age these days even know what a mailbox is?   All good I guess, since they’re pretty clever when it comes to e-cards and tweets and little dancing heart j-pegs, m-pegs, Peg ‘O My heart-pegs or whatever the heck it is you call them.  Hash-tag “Cook is clueless.”  But you can’t go wrong with the good old rose.  Red, yellow, pink white or any one of a bunch of different hybrid colorations they show-up in now, the rose is still a top-shelf flower.  The good stuff.  You can appreciate the rose and its magnificence even if romance and relationships are the farthest thing from your mind.  Must be why they say “stop and smell the roses.”  Enjoy the day whether you have romance on your mind, or just business as usual.  Be your own Valentine if it makes you feel good.  Buy yourself a box of chocolates and a nice dinner.  Even if nobody sent you a Valentine, you deserve it anyway.

Tune in to my show today at 7:20 to find out who wins our Love on the Rocks prize package.  Thanks to all who submitted letters.





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