Bicycle Ride to Red River National Wildlife Refuge

Last month, I got out my old beach bike (that I’ve had since the 70s). I haven’t been on a bicycle in a decade (or more), and after some of my family had tires and tubes put on my bike, it sat for a year or so.  Finally, something motivated me to air up the tires to the proper pressures, oil the chain, sprocket & wheels and take a ride.  The seat on my old bike, still fits my ass (nicely), so my butt hasn’t gotten too much wider, over the past few decades or so.  I went over to the Walker Place Park, near the CenturyLink Center, and unloaded my bike from the back of the Jeep.  I rode my bike across the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.  I’ve driven under that bridge many times in my Jeep, and Tom’s MaHaul motorhome, but had never actually been on that bridge.  Once I crossed the bridge, I took a left on the trail that runs next to the parkway.  I ended up at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge and Visitor Contact Station.  It is on, what is called, “Lake Caroline at the Red River”.  You see this place, if you drive your vehicle on the Teague Parkway, between CenturyLink Center & Parkway High School.  Stop in and check it out, sometime.  After that journey, I rode my bike back across the pedestrian bridge, loaded my bike into the back of my Jeep, and then headed home.  I decided to bike ride through some of the neighborhoods that surround my neighborhood, in South Bossier City.  I enjoyed looking around and getting some landscaping ideas (of things that I might like to try on my property).  When the weather is good, I’ll look forward to getting the bike out of the garage, and taking a ride around the neighborhood, or back across the Teague Parkway pedestrian bridge, and along the trail.  I’m also looking into a way to transport my bike on the Tom’s MaHaul motorhome, and at the moment I’m considering a rack that attaches to the rear ladder on the motorhome.  Then, I could take my bike and ride it around, where ever I take the Tom’sMaHaul.


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