Beatin’ The Heat

With a big portion of the U.S. getting its first big heat wave of the year this week, the crack research team here at Cook in the Morning decided to look into what was trending on-line as far as heat-related queries.  The staff doesn’t have to look far, because apparently a lot of folks with even more time on their hands than us have done the research already.  We of course, will gladly take credit for passing on this the non-critical and somewhat interesting information.   Here are some SUMMER things we’re googling more than usual right now.

1.  The top “near me” searches this week include:  “Swimming near me” . . . “waterparks near me” . . . “pools near me” . . . and “strawberry picking near me.”

2.  Searches for “beaches” and “swimming pools” skyrocketed.  Most of the country wants to know where the closest pool is.  People near the ocean are more likely to search for a beach.

3.  The phrase “signs of heat stroke” jumped 200% . . . “headache from heat” is up 250% . . . and “heat exhaustion in dogs” jumped 180%.

4.  The top “for kids” searches include:  “Sprinklers for kids” . . . “plastic pool for kids” . . . “splash pad for kids” . . . and “best sunscreen for kids.”  We’re also searching for “safe sunscreens” three times more than normal.

5.  And searches for “ceiling fan direction in summer” are up 300% this week.  It should be going counter-clockwise to push the air down, not up.

Mocha suggest frequent naps in the a/c.  Good plan I say!

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