Battle on Bistineau Arm Wrestling

Here’s something different, that caught my attention. In my email inbox today, was a message about the Battle On Bistineau arm wrestling competition.  Ms. Carol, out at Our Place Bar & Grill on Lake Bistineau, sent the message (below), with more information.

Arm Wrestling Competition

Battle on Bistineau

August 11, 2018

Double Elimination

Weigh in from 10 till 12

Tournament begins at 1:00

Entry Fees: Men $25 and Women $20

Men’s Class: 0-154, 155-176, 177-198

199-242, 243+

Women’s Class: 0-143, 144+

Awards 1st, 2nd, & 3rd,

Must be 21 to enter the bar

16yrs an up are welcome

More info CLICK HERE



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