This week I will be doing a series of blogs about bands that we have played on 98 Rocks since their music was first released as new music. I am picking bands or artists that not only had an impact on Rock n Roll history, but that had some interesting history to share.

First up Guns N Roses. No matter how you feel about this band, you have to admit, that very few bands from the era caused as much chaos as GnR.

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I actually had to go see Guns N Roses twice before I ever had the opportunity to see them live. The band was notorious for either not showing up to play, or showing up very late. The first chance I had to see them was a show that was cancelled. It wasn’t until later that year that I actually had the opportunity to see them live. I will admit, a Guns N Roses show was definitely an experience. Axl Rose had the showman/shaman thing down, and the energy that the band brought to the stage was quite intoxicating.

If you want an interesting read about the band that may have you remembering a few things that you may have forgotten….check out this one on the 50 Wildest Guns N Roses Moments from Rolling Stone.

Oh and for a bonus, one of my favorite YouTube series “kids React”.



Did you ever get to see them live?


Comment below, and check out some GNR on my show this afternoon!