Continuing my week-long series on 98 Rocks’ 80’s and 90’s bands, and how can you think of the eighties without thinking Def Leppard?

My favorite memories of these guys have to include the time that they came to 98 Rocks when we were in the old house on Deer Park, and it freaked me out when I first met them. Not because they were famous, but because I had totally forgotten that the boys were all VERY British. I mean, Def Leppard seemed so darn All-American to me at the time, so when I heard the super thick accent from the guys, it kind of took me by surprise.

They were out supporting the Hysteria album, and the concert was “in the round”, meaning the stage was set up in the middle of the auditorium. Not a bad seat in the house!

This was also when we were able to give the band some 98 Rocks Stickers, and if you watch the video for “Armageddon It” below, and fast forward to about 5:04 in, you will see it prominently displayed on one of their road cases back stage!

Here is a nifty Rolling Stone article about the band and their history.


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