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Monday after a week of worry-free life at the lake.  Saw some new faces and places.  Celebrated Shelley’s Birthday with shrimp kabobs on a tiny charcoal grill and convenience store brownies.  I love that lady, never hard to please.   Not too much heavy thinking involved, and I certainly don’t plan to expend much mental energy my first day back. (We know, we heard you on the air this morning.)  But although the relaxation level is sky high, (and blood pressure lower than it ever reads during a check-up, right?) the energy and sharpness of the senses is not stunted.  In fact, I find taking several days to tune-out the noise and distractions that come with the modern world ramps up the awareness level.  Instead of an incoming call or text, you focus on which bird made that call, or from which direction did you hear an outboard motor, a gaggle of kayaking scouts, the pop of an ember in a neighbor’s fire-pit.  Approaching footsteps from a squirrel or raccoon.  Maybe a fellow camper stopping by to invite you over for a cold-one by the fire.  Distant thunder and the first fat drops of rainfall slapping the dock like soggy ping-pong balls.  Lots of sounds to hear when you try to be silent.  I like that.  Here are a few pics, I’ll leave the accompanying soundtrack to your imagination….

All taken in and around the town of  St. Joseph and Lake Bruin in LA

You gotta lotta nerve, squirrel!!!