Awaken and Rock!

Today has a good vibe to it I think.  2-8-18 could be the most incredible day of your life.  Or not.  Only one way to know, and that’s get out there and live it.  Crank the music to go along with the adventure and spice things up any other way that works for you.  Walking out under cold clear skies like this morning is akin to getting up on “the right side of the bed” to me. I feel good. (Better if I had a winning lotto ticket, but only by a little, right?)  In the southeast the Moon still brilliant and accompanied by Jupiter, Mars and Saturn along with scores of other brightly-shimmering celestial bodies I wish I had more time to ponder.  Thought about Musk’s space-car rocketing through the abyss.  When you’re blasting David Bowie is space, does the music make a sound?  Eventually the feet get cold and the bathrobe does little to ward-off a February chill when the coffee begins to cool.  Inside I go to prepare for the “real world” and I use the quotes not only because my chosen profession allows to me exist in a fantasy-like world of my own creation, but because all of us live in a world we can take a good look at and say “really?”  Maybe especially lately.  Here’s reality: the temp is right around 30, give or take a degree, so you could be hindered by a frosty windshield this morning.  Enjoy the sunshine as more rain is still forecast for the weekend.  I’m breakfasting on left-over meatloaf and mashed ‘taters and gravy, and request line is blinkin’ like mad, so off onto (into?) the airwaves I go.  Blog atcha later….



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