AREA 208

Greetings from the highly-secretive broadcast facilities at Area 208.  As in 208 N. Thomas Drive.  You can skip a trip to the Nevada desert, and roam over to this part of town for some truly otherworldly viewing.  Listening too.  And smelling as well.  Only in our ‘hood does the pungent scent of diesel fuel mix with the aquatic aromas of Cross Bayou and Red River, plus the greasy-juiciness of about sixteen different varieties of fried chicken joints along North Market in such a sublime, intoxicating way.  Breathe deeply. Gaze skyward.  Is that an aircraft from Downtown Airport circling overhead?  A chopper bound for Metro Aviation?  Or, an exotic craft staffed with probe-wielding green meanies who haven’t come lookin’ for a crawfish boil?  No telling sometimes, but with a Chief Engineer like Fast Eddie on the scene, we won’t miss any transmissions from the galaxy, whether they originate from Musk’s Space Tesla, Alpha Centauri or ESPN.   (The boss doesn’t know we got the “Total Access” package does he?)  Beam me up & outta here, Eddie!!


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