Ants & the Illusive Thunderbird, Invade The Premises

Ant piles & a thunderbird bite, spotted outside of our studio.  I saw ant piles along the Clyde Fant Parkway, driving in this morning, too.  As the days of heavy rain and flooding pass us, you’ll, likely, start seeing ant piles in your back yard, too.  I’m reminded of when 98Rocks did an ant pile contest, where listeners emailed their decorated, or formed, ant piles.  The prize included bags of ant killer and some t-shirts.  We had creatively decorated ant piles that were emailed to us.  Some were even…  naughty (can’t think of a better word right now).  I recall that promotion was Don’s idea.  You know that we’re always up to something around here.  We can have fun with anything.

In the photo (above), you see 3 ant piles out in front of our building in Agurs.  But, wait!  It also looks like the illusive Thunderbird took a bite out of one of our satellite dishes.  Look at that!  That HAS TO BE what it was!  Am I right, or am I right?

After the ant piles diminish in the ArkLaTex, what comes next?  That’s right.  Love bugs.  The worst love bug season in my lifetime, was last August/September.

Thanks for rockin’ with 98Rocks.   A great way to start the workday, is when I get in at 10am, to continue the 98 Minute Commercial-Free Music Meltdown.  Then, right before lunch, you’ll get more concerts, events & bands @ the night spots, that are being added to the Gig Guide.  There’s, also, the Gig Guide page, that includes maps to the places.  After the Gig Guide, we’ll kick into your songs for the lunch break from work on the Blue Plate Special, like we’ve done for almost 35 years.  Over the past few decades, Down Home Meats in Stonewall has been a part of our lunch hour Blue Plate Specials.





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