I’m beginning the downshift to weekend-velocity today.  I usually start a day early on getting things wrapped for the weekend, with the hope that I’ll not be held up at the last minute with a task I overlooked, and to make sure I have some “open space”  for things that arise that are not of my overlooking.  When the last “t” is crossed and “i” dotted, don’t hold me up on my way to the exit!  This is another three-day weekend here at Alpha Media (giant media owner to which I am but a mere burr on a wee cog in a massive spinning gear) so there is extra consideration.  I have no intention of being here Monday, ’cause gosh, Presidents Day is just too important and to meaningful a holiday to me to concentrate on work.  But there must be something on the air in my absence.   That’s where my highly trained chimp Rosco comes in.  You’ll probably think I’m on the air live he  is so good!  Maybe you have been at full throttle since Monday too.  Think about starting the deceleration early and put on that weekend attitude today.  Could be infectious around the workplace.  What’s better being responsible for putting everybody in a good mood?  Think about it, and when it comes to weekend attitude, we are happy to lead the way.  Speaking of leadership, I’ll leave you with some words on the subject from a true expert in the field:

“Leadership is the wise use of power.  Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it.”

Warren Bennis

Lead me to some squirrels….



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