Anticipating Freshness

I skipped-out on putting up a post Monday.  I’ll claim lack of interest in the day as my excuse.  Or being just plain worn out.  The veggie patch needed attention, thanks to the voluminous rains we received early this spring.  The weeds are as hearty as the vegetables, and getting in there to tidy things up is tougher on my decrepit knees every season.  But slow and steady gets the job done eventually, lots of rest breaks.  I took these pics when I thought the plot was presentable, but I could still do some cleaning.  And that’s just the vegetable part of the landscape, there is green growing out of control everywhere, and a day can fly by as I prune and trim and re-pot from spot to spot.  But we also had to spend some time paddling the kayaks around the lake, and enjoying a fantastic Mother’s Day brunch with the kids and their significant others.  Looking back it’s no wonder I was dead on my feet yesterday.

But back to the garden, and it looks like good news for Tom Michaels especially, (big fan of my produce) and anybody else who just has to have their garden grown ‘Mater & mayo sammich, or the summer isn’t complete!  There should be plenty to go around, and if Mom Nature keeps cooperating, lots of cukes, green beans, eggplant, peppers, okra and more to come.  Grow fresh and eat fresh and stay green everybody, thanks for reading!

First banana pepper of the season nearly as big as the plant it’s on.



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