Annonymous Sources say Tom has Reptilian Tendencies….

One eye opens, looking all round, and one eye closed, when I nap.  That’s what I’m told, that I do at nap time.  Don’t tell anyone, but I think that I have them fooled, that I’m (actually) taking a nap.  So?  Annonymous sources have said that I have “reptilian tendencies”.  If so, it’s only when I am (supposedly) sleeping.  Reliable sources say that I am 98% mammal, and, maybe, 2% reptilian?  It’s all relative, I suppose?  I show up, and keep “rockin ya’ while ya’ work”, on your office/shop radio, and online at , as well as on the free 98Rocks app on your phone (wherever you may roam).  Rock on!

Tom Michaels 



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