An Album is on the way…Maybe.

I wander through the vast wasteland of cyber-space each day in search of music-related tidbits to pass along to listeners and/or readers of this blog.  Today I came across a story focusing on rock stars who haven’t released an album in over five years.  That makes me feel much better about neglecting to update these posts in a timely manner.  Then again, if a five-year hiatus between releasing material is common to the extent demonstrated by the article, it’s a pretty “rock-n-roll” way for me to go about it.  I’d like to think that these artists, like myself most times, are of the mindset that the quality of the material is far more important than the frequency of its arrival.  That works for a creative endeavor, like making music, but probably not with dinnertime.  You’d probably rather have a mediocre, or even bad meal at regular intervals, than a five-star feast once a week, for example.

But back to the rockers missing in action of late.  The article mentions 34, and I’ll leave you with the link so you can check it out for yourself, and decide which are deserving of a hiatus, out of ideas or maybe just plain lazy.   Rock on!



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