I rarely pass a vehicle on the interstate, because I drive the TomsMaHaul “like an old man” (my wife tells me).  BUT, I did pass that rocket-looking car on I-35W, just north of Texas Motor Speedway.  It made me feel like I was racing again.  I, finally, was passing somebody, instead of being passed by hundreds of vehicles.  My wife snapped a photo of that rocket-looking vehicle, as we passed, and she cheered “YOU’RE PASSING SOMEBODY HONEY!  YAYYY!!!!”.

The 98Rocks 35th Home Brewed Birthday Blast is Sunday at Flying Heart Brewing & Pub in Bossier City.  I’ll be at the party with you, and then be on 98Rocks on Monday.  After that, my friend John Sherman, will be filling in for me on the Rock While Ya’ Work Show, until I get back in the building on November 5th.  Thanks John! While I’m at Texas Motor Speedway, I’ll be sharing photos and whatnot with you, at 98Rocks Facebook. I’ll also post some stuff on the website that my son built for me… TomsMaHauL.com

I’m known as “PhotoBomb Tom” at the WalMart in Roanoke, near Texas Motor Speedway. I poke my tummy out and turn the bill of my cap to the side, and photo bomb Rowdy Busch @ the M&M’s display. Look closely over my left shoulder. That looks like store security is keepin’ an eye on me, to make sure I don’t misbehave.

Okay.  So.  I’m hoping to have the TomsMaHauL motorhome in the Texas Motor Speedway campgrounds before Halloween.  I’m sure that my wife will be burning a nightly fire in the fire pit.  I call her “The Fire Queen”, because her campfires are so large that, they can be seen from the International Space Station.  You do believe me, right?  At Texas Motor Speedway, there will be bull fighting outside of gate 7.  They’ll hold Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car races on the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track (next to the big track).  Tony Stewart won a sprint car race in Louisiana, last weekend (over in Chatham, La).  Waylon’s son, Shooter Jennings, will be rockin’ on the TMS track stage, before the big Sunday NASCAR Monster Energy Cup race.  There’s Saturday’s NASCAR XFinity race, too.  The NASCAR races are playoff races.  We’re hoping #19, Martin Truex Jr., can win at Texas Motor Speedway, but also win this year’s championship.

My wife was a Martin Truex Jr. fan, before Martin hit the big-time. Now, Martin is a NASCAR champion (in 2 series). You’ll always find my wife hangin’ out around Martin’s car during qualifying, making sure Crew Chief, Cole Pearn, is on the right track to making Martin’s #19 car FAST. She’s known to yell “Get it right, Cole!

Rock on! 

Tom (aka PhotoBomb Tom)


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