A Walk by the Water

I don’t doubt, as new research suggests, that walking along a river or canal can boost your mental health.   When I need to refocus, recharge and regroup, plan A often involves a nice chunk of media-free time near a body of water.  I’ve secured my sanity many times, and come up with some brilliant ideas, when I escaped the radio station and took a walk along a nearby river, canal or lake.  Fortunate, now that I think of it, that most every city in which I’ve worked at a river running through it or nearby.  Many memories of myself parked on a bench on a boardwalk, letting my thoughts flow with the current until they arrive at another critical career decision.  Or whether to buy that new car or just fix-up old faithful.    If not a river, a local lake or reservoir was never that far away.

So the survey results I read weren’t particularly surprising to me.  I’ve sought out the blue waters and the green spaces since my legs could carry me upright.  But I suppose someone who is a devoted city dweller, or just not a fan of  the outdoors may not know of the rehabilitative effects of submersing your mind among the ripples and bubbles of the blue.  Try it sometimes and you might be hooked (no pun intended)!  If nothing else, it may lead you on the way to saving a few bucks on therapy…or Lexapro.

Here’s the story I reference:    https://studyfinds.org/walking-along-water-mental-health/


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