A Nice View

That’s the view from our campsite this Prez Day weekend at Daingerfield, TX.  The big rain-out wasn’t as fierce as expected, and although windy there was plenty of fishing and boating and hiking happening.  Just looking out at the lake while sippin’ a cold one is a good activity too.  Sure we were wired in to the world, had tv and wi-fi, but I turned off my phone most of the time, and paid no heed to social media of any form.   It feels like letting the air out of a balloon, or a kettle finally steaming in release.  You want to reach for that phone and check-in, but then catch yourself and say “why bother?”  Then you feel a bit more in control.  Maybe a little freer?  Besides, the wife was in contact with the kids should anything important arise.  The only thing of any import to me most of the weekend was catching fish.  A whole lot of ’em!  By golly they were just leapin’ into the boat!  I could’ve caught ’em with a paper clip.  Oh and the monster that got away….what?  C’mon, you know I wouldn’t lie to ya!



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