A Different Tune

Singing a happy song of escape from reality for the three day Labor Day weekend.  If I sound like I’m in a better mood than usual this morning, that would be why.  Like Tom, I roll with remote broadcast capability on-board the camping rig, so you’ll hear my voice, but not from the friendly confines of the studio.  I’ll be nestled with the wife in an undisclosed location deep in the woodiest woods of Louisiana.  Unless we go to Texas.  Or Arkansas.  At this point we are loaded and ready to depart, but no coordinates have yet been entered.  Destination Unknown. Hmmm, that was a song, wasn’t it.  Let’s reminisce:


Now, back to 2018.  On behalf of all my fellow Shreveport “Alpha (Media)  Dogs” Here’s hoping you and yours have a great Labor Day!  Sincere “Thanks” for letting The Home of Rock-N-Roll, 98 Rocks be a part of all your celebrations for over 30 years!

My dog Mocha.   Alpha, Omega and everything in between….






Will Return Shortly… Hey Valentine! What A Rush! Pizza Day! Toiletry Synchronicity & The Zen Of Water-Pik Game Night