A Challenge, huh?

So hello and thanks for stopping by to read the post here.  Hope that first night of the time-change was okay for you.  It’s a challenge for some. I can roll with an hour either way, so personally no big.  I do remain ever hopeful that we will just do away with it altogether someday, maybe sooner than later since some legislators are working on just that.  Well then, no worries in that case, they are so adept at takin’ care o’ bidness, dontcha know?  Oh well.

Speaking of challenges, one of the latest to hit the internet is the so-called “Van’s Challenge” whereby a shoe is flipped into the air, and its orientation upon landing is noted.   The predominant number of landings are apparently upright.  Well I haven’t watched any of these challenges online, but I can only figure “Duh!”  Mostly I’ll throw a shoe in an attempt to kill a bug crawling on the other side of the room, not for science or entertainment purposes.  Vans are good for that, they have a lot of heft, and a wide waffle “kill-zone” of a sole.  Yes, they probably land right-side up, and you don’t have to be a physics major to guess that a big fat heavy slab of rubber with a little flap of canvas on top too teeny to even make a decent codpiece out of, would yeah, probably land with the heavy side down a majority of the time.  Like a lawn dart.  Plus, Vans have that magical ability to adhere to skateboards regardless of there position in space, so they got that going for ’em too.  Now a flip-flop, on which neither side has a big weight advantage, might be closer to fifty-fifty.  Try it yourself if you’re that bored.  And maybe see what a Converse All-Star does…high-top vs. low-top.  Do a challenge to see how they land, then see which splats a cockroach more effectively.  I’ll say high-tops let you get a good grip on an ample amount of canvas, and affords a more accurate throw.  That upper may well provide some aerodynamic co-efficient as well, since my Chuck’s have always proven to be dead-accurate bug killers.

Pair of new red sneakers isolated on white background.



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