Warming Up

Oh to be spending a blustery day indoors by the fire, cozied up with a warm beverage and maybe a warm feline on my feet!  Better weather tomorrow, with sunshine and a high near 60 forecast.  We shall see.  Then perhaps more rain for the weekend.  Let’s try to will that away, with the power of our Mardi Gras Parade Vibes!!!  Maybe we get some good voodoo? Crummy weather for anybody under the weather, and there are many this season.  I’m trying not to succumb to the bug the wife was inflicted with over the weekend, but I told Nuke yesterday my stomach felt like I’d eaten a rancid yak (he agreed that would be a great name for a grunge band) and promptly told me to go as far away from the building with my squirrely stomach as possible.  So I did.  Went home, upped the fluids, did some herbal teas, got some extra zzz’s and though not one hundred percent today, I’ll rock my way through it.  Gotta be in good health for Valentine’s Day in just one week, right?  Hope you participate in our “Love On The Rocks” letter-writing contest which includes a nice prize pack for the holiday.   On the air until ten-am, feel free to check-in if I can do anything to enhance the day for you.



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