Your Scales vs the Doctor’s scales….

Which scales do you trust the most?  Your home scales, or the doctor’s office scales?  I know that the scales at my doctor’s office, are much newer, and more high tech, than my old shag carpet covered scale that you see here.   I think that I have had those carpeted scales, since the first grade.  I remember my first grade teacher, after all these years.  Mrs. Yates.  Anyway.  My trusty (and maybe, rusty) ol’ bathroom scales, shows that I’m 15 pounds lighter, than the modern, high tech scales at my doctor’s office.  Why don’t I get some new & modern bathroom scales?  Well.  Because, my trusty (and, maybe rusty) ol’ bathroom scales, display my weight, in a way that I prefer to see it, on a daily basis.  Plus, I feel more comfortable, standing naked on my bathroom scale, than being in my birthday suit on the scales at the doctor’s office.  Maybe, on my doctor’s scales, my shoes, clothes, ring, belt, wallet, ball cap etc, weigh out to be the 15 pounds more, than what my bathroom scale shows me?

I’ve weighed my options here today.  My conclusion?  Lots o’ rock while ya’ work.  Let’s do it!  As always, thank you for rockin’ at work me again today, and thanks to those rockin’ on the 98 Rocks app on your phones, and listening from the website at

Tom Michaels



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