Dalton Gang Shootout In Longview

Tom is held captive by Bill Dalton & the Dalton Gang

Dalton Gang bank robbery reenactment at “Dalton Days

There was a shootout in downtown Longview, when the 1894 Dalton Gang bank robbery was reenacted. I had a great time in downtown Longview at “Dalton Days”. Before the shootout, we toured the Gregg Country Historical Museum, which was where the 1894 Dalton Gang bank robbery & shootout was staged. The Dalton Gang robbed many trains and banks, but eventually, met their demise, when they attempted to rob two banks simultaneously, in Coffeyville, Kansas. The Daltons were relatives of the James Gang (with Cole Younger). The Eagles “Desperado” album (their 2nd album), was a Dalton Gang concept album. While at Dalton Days, we enjoyed some food truck grub, as they had plenty of food trucks on hand. There was old timey wild west saloon music coming from performers on a stage nearby. There were vendors and an area for kids (with a petting zoo). We walked a few blocks to the Oil Horse Brewing Company, which is the big, local, Longview brewery. Cool place to hang out.

The 2017 Tom Michaels Spring Texas Tour continues. I drove the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome from Jefferson to Fernbrook (near Longview). I drove in the strong Sunday storms, but just took my time with no issues. I am in the motorhome now, watching the Sunday NASCAR race on TV. We’ll be in this area until Tuesday morning, when we’ll hook up the Jeep to the motorhome, and get back on I-20 West, for the journey to Texas Motor Speedway for the April 7th – 9th NASCAR race weekend. I’m looking forward to visiting friends from the ArkLaTex, while in the Texas Motor Speedway rv campgrounds. For 98Rocks race fans coming over to TMS for the NASCAR weekend, easy does it. Check your tire pressures and fluid levels, and take your time. No hurry. C’mon.



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