2024’s 1st Fireworks From Space?

Hello star-gazing Rock-N-Rollers, and welcome to 2024, the 98 Rocks “Year Of Rock!”  So maybe you rocked your way into the New Year in style and enjoyed a huge gala event and spectacular fireworks display.  Maybe, like myself, you fell asleep in front of the tv around 9pm, awoke to a neighborhood that sounded under siege from a foreign adversary at midnight, gave the spouse a peck and trundled off to bed.  If that’s the case, the heavens may hold a bit of a celestial consolation prize in the form of the first meteor shower of ’24.  And we don’t have long to wait.  The Quadrantid meteor shower will peak Wednesday night into Thursday morning, with up to 120 shooting stars visible per hour. The best time to observe it in North America is between 5 am and dawn the morning of Thursday, Jan. 4th, which is expected to be clear and cold in our parts. If you don’t spot a Quadrantid or two that morning, (they always say “120 meteorites an hour!” but you’d have to live in a hut atop a mountain in Nepal to get that kind of show) you might catch the International Space Station as it briefly passes over at 6:07 am.   Keep looking up!

More here: https://www.space.com/quadrantid-meteor-shower-2024-comes-this-week


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