Winter Olympics Are you Watching?

So I have been finding myself glued to the TV the last few weeks. The Winter Olympics in South Korea are so much fun to watch. I am a hard core sports fan, so it’s not very surprising, but it is all just so entertaining.

I am mesmerized by Curling, what an odd sport, and I am still not exactly sure how they score in the game, but I just can’t stop watching. Biathlon, I mean, skiing and and target shooting? what’s not to love!

Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, Slope Style, Half Pipe, Speed Skating and Figure Skating, there is absolutely something for everyone.

I hope that maybe you too are enjoying the one reason that countries from all over the world get together and battle it out in pure athletic competition, the Winter Olympics.

Post your requests in the comments, and let me know if you are watching this year, and what your favorite sport is.




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