Tom is Buc-ed Up in Texas

When I was a young kid, it was cool to go to Stuckey’s, when we’d travel. Now, it’s Buc-ee’s. What a place! Huge! Plenty of room at the gas/fuel pumps too, for the RV fill-ups. Inside the place is, amazing, in my opinion. I’m not doing a commercial, or endorsement, for Buc-ee’s, but I am a fan of good businesses, and this place seems to be one of them. I got online, and looked up Stuckey’s, to see if they’re still around, though. They are. On some school field trips, when I lived in Pineville, one of the favorite stops, was a Stuckey’s. I bought a few pocket knives from that place, back then. I doubt that would be permitted, on a school field trip, these days, though. I saw the billboard for Buc-ee’s, recently, along I-20 in the Shreveport-Bossier area, and I think it said something about “holding it” until you get to Buc-ee’s (Terrell, Tx). Well, now there’s another Buc-ee’s across from Texas Motor Speedway, north of Fort Worth. The photo with this blog, was taken at the Buc-ee’s near the race track, but on my way back to Bossier City, I’ll stop in at the Buc-ee’s in Terrell, and fuel up the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome (after burning up some fuel out of the tank, running the onboard generator for several days). As I am an older child now (lol), it’s a big deal to go Buc-ee’s, just as when I was a younger child and going to Stuckey’s. I’ll find a Stuckey’s along my travels, sometime, though, and will stop in and see what it’s like now.

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