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Back to School ALREADY!

by Tom Michaels posted Aug 2 2011 3:30PM


Back to school...

Bossier Parish (August 10)
Caddo Parish (August 18)
Carthage ISD (August 22)
DeSoto Parish (August 3)      
Marshall ISD (August 23)
Texarkana ISD (August 22)
Webster Parish (August 11)

Our Saturday night jock, Al, and I were discussing when we used to start a new school year, way back when.  It was always right after Labor Day.  For a while now, though, kids begin school before the middle of August.  At this posting (Aug 2), the high is 107, with a heat index of 112.  And, it's been like this for a few months, and is expected to continue for weeks, and maybe even all month.  I'm sure that the school water fountains will be heavily used, when school starts!  Time to put a post-it-note on my dashbaord, to "SLOW DOWN IN SCHOOL ZONES", and start getting used to easing off the pedal more in those areas.  (Tom)

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08/02/2011 4:10PM
Back to School ALREADY!
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08/05/2011 10:21AM
School's Back in Session!!
In my opinion, school should have been delayed. My youngest child boards the bus first and stays on board for the loading of other children from 3 other schools. She sits in the hot bus for at least 15-20 mins. for each school! This is outrageous! Something needs to be done! It would take parents, contacting elected school officials, to make them realize the severity of this situation. From Desoto Parish!
08/05/2011 11:58AM
Thanks for the comment. I agree!
Thanks for the comment, about school starting too early, due to the extreme heat. I agree. (Tom)
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