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About Tejas

Creator Weston McElwee, Executive Chef & Owner

“I wanted to get back to a certain atmosphere I enjoyed as a kid. I grew up in the country, on horse farms, and there is something about rustic living that holds a warm appeal. Comforting, relaxing, no pretense.”

Weston has brought this vision to life in the beautifully curated space housing Tejas. Pared down to the studs, Weston personally designed and rebuilt every square inch to embody the rustic, Southwestern atmosphere of both his memories and his dreams.

During his travels over the years, Weston has collected hundreds of antique tools, furniture pieces, art, and sundry items he saw possibility in.

When word got out among friends and family that he was collecting a hodgepodge of vintage and rare, items began showing up on his doorstep. As Tejas took shape, Weston created a unique visual story woven together by items imbued with a past life all their own. Some notable features are the repurposed fireplace mantels, the vintage Ford tailgate on the wall, and the various custom light fixtures Weston made by hand using old tools and “stuff”.

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