I have a feeling!

The New Orleans Saints travel to Minnesota this Sunday to take on the the Vikings in the 2nd round of the the NFL playoffs. I have that feeling! I believe the Saints have all the components to win the Super Bowl this year. They’ve had Drew Brees for a while, but now they have a lot more. A running game and a defense make a big difference and the Saints got them both. Take a very talented team peaking at a good time and add a head coach who’s got a chip on his shoulder and it’s on like a chicken bone. Normally I would say it’s too early to start thinking this way. But as I said earlier, I just have a feeling and it feels good!


What about my ears? What will the Foo Fighters play Sunday Night? Bad weather trend must stop! The Doobie Brothers! Which night of the week do you prefer concerts to be on? Do you remember Robert Cray at Hirsch?