Hard At Work Means No Time For Fun

Okay, so this is literally a picture of my desk right now. Not for dramatic purposes, not for affect, but just to show you what my last few weeks have been like at work. Most folks think the life of a DJ begins and ends with our shows on the air, and sometimes that may be true. For me though, my day begins and ends long before and after I get the privilege to talk to you guys.

Thus my not blogging as much these last few days.

Speaking of working hard, I was watching a documentary the other night, and found out that in Norway, or Sweden, or one of those Scandinavian countries with happy blonde people, that they actually have a four day work week? It was amazing to hear the owners of the business tell how much more productive their workers were when they did four ten hour days as opposed to the old way of five eight hour ones. Plus they all get the added benefit of every weekend being a three day weekend!

I vote for that! Sign me up Scandinavia!

Oh well, back to work….I really need to clean my desk off!


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