Happy PI Day to All of My Math Geeks Out There

3.14159265359…Okay, that’s as far as I will take it.

It is March the 14th, also known as “PI Day”, not in the delicious Pies that we all love to eat, but the mathematical magic number that you use to solve all those fun geometry problems involving the area of circles. It is, to put it simply, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. PI is also the reason that I really got interested in math in high school.

I will never forget the eureka moment when I was pressed by my teacher Mr. Scott to solve the complicated equation that is used to calculate PI, and how at the moment that those digits 3.14159265359 began to come off of my pencil I understood how math was the universal language. Numbers never lie, they never change, and no matter how you get to the solution of a complex computation, you always arrive at the same place.

Mr. Scott, if you are still out there….thanks….you are the reason that I am a “Math Geek” to this day.

So take a moment today to ponder the awesomeness of numbers….or not….and have a piece of celebratory Pie. It is “PI Day” after all.

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