Happy Early St Patrick’s Day

Get out your kilt! It is that time again, everybody’s favorite drinking holiday. Call me a lush, but St. Patrick’s Day is one of the coolest, funnest holidays of the year.

Some may enjoy Halloween more, I guess it is pretty fun to dress up as a spooky character and get free candy, but in my book, St Paddy’s is the best. I mean really, dressing up like a Leprechaun, and drinking ’til you puke? How can it get any better.

This year is really special for the Irish drunk fest as it falls on a Friday. The green beer and Irish Whiskey should be a flowing, just remember to have a designated driver or call a cab. Have some fun though, and maybe I’ll see you out around town. I’ll be the one dressed in green!


Oh, and by the way, Thanks to Mark Scott for the image “St Patrick’s at Twin Peaks” CC by 2.0.


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