Giving Back the Hour I took Last Fall

Were you sleepier than usual this morning? Find yourself waking up earlier as the weather warms? Me neither. Don’t forget to turn your clock ahead an hour this weekend.

While I look forward to a few extra hours of daylight after work starting next week, I can’t help but wish we could just keep the time where it is and not have to go through the pain twice a year. Time and whatever governmental agency keeps this tradition going are stealing an hour of my precious morning time next week, and I’m not too happy about it.

For those of us in radio, it always means being diligent to make certain that the music doesn’t go too long on Sunday, or in the fall that we don’t have an hour of dead air. Morning show folks have it the worst in the Spring though. Just getting up in time to be on-air at 6am is nightmare enough, but just about the time your body gets used to the internal clock, here goes the change again.

Letting the dog out and making coffee while it’s dark outside seems like some sort of bizarro world to me. I mean who gets up before the sun? It’s just not natural.

Don’t forget to Spring ahead this weekend…..and get some rest!

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