Foo Fighters at the Century Link

So I have been to a LOT of concerts in my life, just one of the perks of being a radio guy, but I have to say one of may favorites, or at least most memorable was when I had the opportunity to see Nirvana live in Dallas on their “In Utero” tour just a few short months before Cobain’s suicide. The smell of flannel was heavy in the air and I was probably one of the oldest folks there, but man what a show! Since then I have followed Dave Grohl and the Foos with great interest, always hoping to catch them live. I came close a few years back at the Harley Davidson Anniversary party in Milwaukee, but the show sold out before I could score a pair.

Flash forward and guess who’s coming to town?

Show is Sunday April 22, 2018, and you can bet I am going to get my tickets early for this one.

Presale starts Halloween at 10AM with a special code FOOFIGHTERRUN, grab yours online at Listen to 98 Rocks for free ones!

Foo Fighters tour 2017




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