Craft Beer Will Be The Death of Me

When I was a young man, my friend Chris and I were the kings of the “King of Beers”, we shared an apartment that boasted the world largest beer-can pyramid, and proudly downed the delicious yellow nectar by the case.  Fast forward a few years and my older more refined palate has arrived at the point where no mere domestic beer can be found anywhere near my fridge or my favorite “Brew-Jeans” beer coozie.

This is not good for a man with an aging metabolism, and whose latest birthday present was an AARP membership.

Craft beer is going to be the death of me! My shirts and jeans are getting tight.

My love affair with the more tasty stuff began when I moved to Colorado in the 90’s, there was a micro-brewery on every corner, and the mix of high alcohol content and high altitude made me into an instant fan, for years after moving back home to Shreveport the closest I could come was a Sam Adams, unless I wanted to go to the awesome liquor store on Line and find some good exotic micro brews, however all that changed a few years back when Shreveport-Bossier began to have our own breweries.

I just can’t get enough of the stuff, IPA’s, APA’s, Stouts, you name it. I have even considered springing for one of those fancy kegerators so the sweet dark suds can be always at the ready after a long day at work. Back to reality, I’ll weigh as much as one of those machines if I have a never ending supply of pints. Better to buy it a six pack at a time.

Maybe I should take up jogging or some other healthy habit….food for thought…I’ll mull it over an ice cold APA tonight and get back to you.

Which brewery is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and cheers!



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