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Bobby Cook

Gone Fishin’

I used to have an old sign that said just that, “Gone Fishin’” hanging above […]


I’m beginning the downshift to weekend-velocity today.  I usually start a day early on getting […]

Big Day For Roses

Ahh love is in the air today for sure, along with a misty, foggy rain.  […]

The Right Stuff

If you are in need of inspiration this morning I recommend you revisit the life […]

Cash Quest

Real cash foldin’-money is my preferred way to conduct most transactions.  Hand over the greenbacks, […]

Plug In

Powered-up and plugged in for another week?  Sure.  Me too.  Slowly letting the real world […]

Whole Foods

Amazon Prime customers in four cities in the U.S. can now have Whole Foods groceries delivered […]

Awaken and Rock!

Today has a good vibe to it I think.  2-8-18 could be the most incredible […]

Warming Up

Oh to be spending a blustery day indoors by the fire, cozied up with a […]