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Up to my?..

by NukeMan posted Jun 17 2011 4:13PM

Up to my…..

Okay, so it’s Monday and I need to Blog…..Hmmmm What to say, what to say. It’s a shame, but I’ve got nothing. Monday, and I have tons of things to do, and due, probably just like you (omg now I am rhyming everything). Tiger dropped out of the Players, a perfect game in MLB, and Vancouver is trying to mount a comeback in the NHL, that covers sports….The big dome over the oil spill failed, and somebody was nominated for the Supreme Court, that covers national stuff….I did manage to mow my yard Saturday! Some days the muse is there, and some days you just can’t think of anything.

Well my friends, today is one of those days, so I’ll leave you with this, my quote of the week; “If you want to know how to do things, you can’t be afraid to ‘poke around’ a little bit.” 


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06/17/2011 4:13PM
Up to my…..
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