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Tom's Travels: Rowdy Adventures Zip Line Park was a BLAST!

by Tom Michaels posted Aug 15 2011 12:38PM

Tom Michaels comes in for a landing, after one of the many zip line rides at Rowdy Adventures Zip Line Park in Arkansas
What a BLAST!  Last weekend, the family and I loaded into the motorhome, and went to Rowdy Adventures Zip Line Park.  It's right off I-30, between Prescott and Arkadelphia, Arkansas.   The park has been open for a few months, and in the near future, they'll be adding air-boat rides, kayak and more.  It's the "South's Largest Zip Line Park", and if you take the full package, you'll spend about an hour and a half, doing some thrilling zip line rides.  The park is open daily until Sept. 11th, when they'll only be open on weekends through October.  You get a good training course, before heading out.  It's easy to learn, and for an older guy like me, I wasn't sore at all, afterwards.  You zip over rivers, through the woods and hills.  I SHALL RETURN!

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Location : ArkadelphiaArkansas
People : Tom Michaels
08/15/2011 1:02PM
Tom's Travels: Rowdy Adventures Zip Line Park was a BLAST!
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08/17/2011 4:36PM
Water provided
They have water stops along the way, and provide ice cold water. And, there are CLEAN outhouses along the way, too. Earl
08/23/2011 11:48AM
Thanks 98!
WHAT A RUSH! Thanks for the passes 98!
08/25/2011 12:21PM
Looks Great
Wow that looks so fun! I'd love to do that. Clean out houses would be a definate PLUS.
07/24/2012 1:03PM
Tom is "The Most Interesting Man In The World"
Man, you're "that guy". You're "The Most Interesting Man In the World" guy, aren't you? I thought that was you in those Dos Equis TV commercials.
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