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Tom?s Travels: I-20 in Shreveport-Bossier SUCKS!

by Tom Michaels posted Jun 20 2011 8:50AM
I’ve lived here, almost all of my life. In the past 10 years, I-20 has turned into a mess! It’s not the traffic. Not at all. The road conditions are terrible! 

A)    I20 (east and westbound) between the state line and the weigh stations, are the roughest stretches of I20. Coming into Louisiana, the sign reads “Welcome to Louisiana”, and then…. BAM!!!! You hit rough road. What a helluva “welcome”, huh?
B)     I20 east, between Diamond Jacks Blvd exit and Old Minden Rd exit, there are 2 “LAUNCHING RAMPS”. I’ve seen front wheels leave the ground. It’s pitiful!
C)    I20 west, between Airline Dr. and Panchos, there’s another dadgum launching ramp. 
D)    I20 through most of Bossier City, is rough!
It used to be that, Jackson Mississippi was the worst part of I-20. Now, I wonder if I20 through Bossier-Shreveport, is the worst?
C’MON! We can do better. Write your representatives, or whoever, and let’s get get a smoother I-20 around here.
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People : Tom Michaels
06/20/2011 8:50AM
Tom’s Travels: I-20 in Shreveport-Bossier SUCKS!
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06/30/2011 10:08AM
Hear Hear! Bobby Cook
Couldn't agree more Tom. And considering the condition of the roadways, you'd think people would SLOW down, but no, they drive like maniacs, pass wherever they want, and usually swerving from shoulder to center line 'cause a phone is glued to one ear! I do not drive like a "little old lady" by any stretch of the imagination, but an awful lot of drivers around here scare me!
07/19/2011 3:17AM
wrong crooks in charge of our roadway construction
Yeah they spend a little money on our portion of I-20 every few years, but i know some of that money is going elsewhere, like maybe the lining of some of those crooks pockets! The money that actually does go where it is supposed to gets spent on a bunchof worthless incompetent fools, that should working at wal-mart as greeters, because we ALL know all those guys are getting paid to stand around! onviously
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