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Tom's Travels: My Favorite Animal is the Buffalo

by Tom Michaels posted Mar 20 2012 3:00PM

Since I was a kid (oh, about this high, around 4 or 5), and saw my first buffalo (near Altus, Ok), it became my favorite animal.  In the 70s, I loved the movie "The White Buffalo" (Charles Bronson was among the stars), and it's one of my favorite movies of all time.  I rode a buffalo a few times, and thought I was on top of the world, and in total control of everything.  Here's a photo of when I was in Sepulpa, Oklahoma, at a huge buffalo statue.

Tom Michaels with Buffalo Statue in Sepulpa, Oklahoma

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Location : BuffaloOklahomaSepulpa
03/20/2012 3:15PM
Tom's Travels: My Favorite Animal is the Buffalo
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03/20/2012 5:37PM
Thanks Tom, great white was great! Eddie
03/22/2012 12:42PM
Thanks, sir. Glad you got to hear your song.
03/26/2012 9:43AM
my favorite planet is the sun
03/28/2012 4:16AM
Buffalo Tom
There's Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bob and Buffalo Tom. And the one that wrote the favorite planet is the sun? The sun isn't a planet. Anthony Jalbert
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Otto Mashun
Beep... Bop....
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