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Indy Car @ TX Motorspeedway

by Otto Mashun posted Jun 10 2013 12:00AM
Arriving late to the speedway, we didn't get to enjoy the festivities previous to the race but that was ok. We decided to tour the enormous facility and take in as much as we could prior to the race. We went up to the skybox seats and checked out the track and then decided to head down to see Tom Michaels on what we refer to as the 50 yard line (the start stop line). On the track, the TXMS staff were tossing t-shirts to the croud, riding souped-up bathtubs and recliners; one person was on the one-wheeled motorcycle!

The engines roared and rumbled as the start your engines! was yelled. The warm-up lap started as the pace car led the Izod Indys onto the track. As the pace car went into the pits the 650 horse open-wheeled racers opened up the throttle and start to fly. Marco Andretti took a quick lead as he flew by at 220 MPH!!! It was loud and fast and every bone in our bodies were shaking as the cars passed. Eventually the winner of Dancing with the Stars Helio Castroneves prevailed and took lead at lap 97 until the end of the 228-lap event. Helio took his six shooters and excitedly unloaded the cylinders.

The post-race events started as the 60-plus thousand ticket holders stormed the track to visit the garages. Many photos were taken, fans were rushing to meet their favorite driver as the post-race inspections and garage breakdowns were occurring in organized chaos.  Then we left through the tunnel rushed to the car and sat in traffic hoping to get an opening to re-live the Indy race on the highway!  The races @ the Texas Motor speedway are always super and the staff is always courteous and willing to help.
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08/05/2013 2:53AM
Indy Car @ TX Motorspeedway
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Indy Car @ TX Motorspeedway
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