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?My Opponent is an IDIOT!?

by Michael Burnley posted Jun 16 2011 8:33AM

So, it’s time to vote again.  It’s a right that I WILL excercise, because, personally,  the “Change” we have received, is NOT the “Change” that I was looking for.  And, besides, all I have in my pockets now, is … change, due to a Federal Govt. that wants more of MY money, for WASTEFUL spending.   BUT, anyway, here comes the mud-slinging political ads on radio and TV.  Man, is it getting nasty, too.  Personally, I don’t mind some of the “attack” ads, mentioning an opponents voting record (because that’s what I want to know), but I’m not crazy about the ads attacking a man (or woman), Drunkardpersonally.   Why doesn’t one person, that is running for an office, just come right out and slam the opponent, by saying “My opponent is a FRIGGIN’ IDIOT, and I’m the brilliant one, with a brilliant plan, for more …change!”   I’m not sure that many of us want to keep changing, and moving further away from the U.S. Constitution.  It appears that our Federal Government promotes punishing success & positive achievement, and rewarding failure or complacency (as we’ve seen in recent times).  I’m not here to endorse any candidate, or political party.  I’ll let you do your own investigating, and make your own decision, to suit your conscience.  Just voicing my view on the overwhelming number of negative political ads, from all political parties and candidates.  If I was Supreme Ruler of the Planet, we’d ALL get along DAMMIT!  That’s selfish on my part, I guess?  Because, some don’t want us to get along, and they prefer … more drama and division, because they benefit from that.   Some compromise, is better than gridlock (and nothing, positive,  ever getting done).

Just Tom’s humble view.  

Tom Michaels
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People : Tom Michaels
06/16/2011 8:33AM
“My Opponent is an IDIOT!”
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